Action Nodes

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Action Nodes

An Action Node is a single task customized for a single purpose. Each action node has several properties to customize how that action node works within your action schedule. Action nodes are the building blocks of your action schedule. There are 10 action nodes available.

Common Action Node Properties

All action nodes have the following properties in addition to properties specific to the action node type.

Id- The Id of the Action Node.

Schedule Id- The id of the action schedule that owns the action node.

Name- The name of the action node.

Node Type- The type of action node.

Disk Loader

The disk loader action node selects files to work with. Files on the local file system or on a network share can be selected. This is considered a starting point node, meaning you start your job with the files selected in the disk loader action node.

Disk Saver

The disk saver action node will copy or move files to a location on your local file system or on a network share. This can be used to backup files during, before or after the process.

FTP Download

The FTP download action node works like the disk loader action node except instead of referencing files on your disk or network share, the files are downloaded from an FTP site. This is also a starting point node. For more information on FTP sites, click here.

FTP Upload

The FTP upload action node is similar to the disk saver action node, except files are transferred to a remote FTP site.


The UnZip action node is used to decompress archive / compressed files.


The Zip action node is used to compress files into an archive file.

PGP Encrypt

The PGP encrypt action node is used to encrypt your files with a public PGP key. For more information on PGP keys, click here.

PGP Decrypt

The PGP decrypt action node allows you to decrypt encrypted files with a private PGP key. For more information on PGP keys, click here.

Pause Processing

The pause processing node allows you to control execution of your action schedule by pausing it for a set duration.

Shell Command

The shell command action node allows you to run a script or executable file on the local file system.

Custom Action Nodes

Metropolis also allows your developers to create custom action nodes that will plug into the Metropolis system. Custom action nodes must use the Metropolis SDK. For more information on development of action nodes, click here.

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