Certificate Installation

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Certificate Installation

Metropolis X.509 Certificate

Metropolis uses an X.509 certificate to encrypt communications between the Metropolis Client and Metropolis Service software.

For more information on X.509 click here.

Location- The location of the certificate in the certificate store location. This should typically be LocalMachine. For more information on certificate stores, click here.

Store- The certificate store location of the certificate.

Certificates- A list of certificates that reside in the certificate store.

Certificate Info- Information on the certificate selected, including expiration date.

If you want to use an extended validation certificate or domain validated certificate, you can select it here. For more information on validated certificates, click here.

Once you have found the certificate, click [Use Certificate] to attach the certificate to your server's IP addresses and port. The certificate will be attached to the Metropolis Service port specified in Metropolis Service Configuration

Once complete, you will get a validation message verifying where the certificate was installed.

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