ClickOnce Client Install

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ClickOnce Client Install

Microsoft's ClickOnce technology allows the deployment of traditional Windows programs through a browser. For more information about Microsoft's ClickOnce technology, click here. Once installed, your users can download and install Metropolis Client from a browser. Installing Metropolis Client will work on any standard browser (3 clicks), but installs in fewer steps using Microsoft's Internet Explorer (1 click). Hosting a ClickOnce program requires Microsoft's Internet Information Services installed on the server.

This is what a ClickOnce install typically looks like.

Installing ClickOnce Client

IIS Install Path- This is the location of where to copy the Metropolis ClickOnce program. This can be on a local file system or over a network.

Overwrite Files- Instructs the installer to overwrite any of the files that exist on disk.

Click [Install]. Once the files have been successfully copied. You will receive a notification.

If using defaults, the Metropolis ClickOnce application can be found at the following URL:


Custom configuration of IIS can change this URL. To install the Metropolis Client, enter the URL in a browser on your workstation.

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