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Company Manager

The Company Manager allows company admins and global admins to administer a company or companies. Company admins can only administer their own companies, while global admins can administer any company as well as create and delete companies.

The Company Admin Perspective

The company admin is responsible for the administration of his company and only his company. Because of this, the company admin can only see one company.

ID- The unique Id of the company.

Is Active- A flag to make a company active or deactivate a company. If a company is deactivated, none of it's users can login, including the company admin. Also, none of the Action Schedule events will fire on their schedules. This can only be changed by global admins.

Name- The name of the company.


Email Warnings- Send an email any time a warning occurs.

Email Errors- Send an email any time an error occurs.

Email Config Change- Send an email any time a configuration has been changed, including FTP Site changes, PGP Key changes, Action Schedule changes, User changes and Company changes.

Notification Recipients- A comma or line delimited list of recipients for the checked notification types above. If no notification types are checked, there will be no notification reports emailed.

The Global Admin Perspective

For the global admin, a list of companies appears on the left while the detailed information on a selected company appears on the right.

Adding a Company

To add a company, right click on the Company List area and click Add New.

First, make sure Is Active is checked. If a company is not active, it cannot be used. Enter your company name in the name box. If your mail server is configured, you can check the notifications you want and enter your email in the Notification Email Recipients box. Click [Save].

Your new company will appear in the Company List area.

Deleting A Company

Create another company and name it "Test Company". See Adding A Company above on how to add companies. You can leave every thing else blank. Click [Save].

To delete this company, right click the company you want to delete and click Delete.

The dialog that appears warns that deleting a company will delete all users and all schedules. This action cannot be undone.

Click [OK] and you will see the company was deleted.

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