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When you first open Metropolis Client, you are presented with a connection dialog. To connect, enter the server you want to connect to, your user name and password and click connect. Once you have successfully connected, the server will be stored in the server drop down list for future reference. The [Clear] button will clear all stored server names. The time out (s) box sets the time out in seconds for communicating with the server. For slower connections such as connecting over the Internet, a higher number is suggested. For faster connections, such as within an office network, a lower number is adequate.

Optionally, you may enter a port number at the end of the server name. For example, would connect to the server, port 8001. The default port is 8000, but this can be changed during the install. See the Metropolis Installer chapter for more information.

Note: The system account is created when the database is configured. The system account is a gobal admin and has full privileges in Metropolis. The default credentials for the system account are system/master. You should change the system account password to ensure your system is secure. To change the system password, login as system and click Tools -> Change Password.

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