Disk Loader

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Disk Loader

The Disk Loader action node selects files to work with. Files on the local file system or on a network share can be selected. This is considered a starting point node, meaning you start your job with the files selected in the disk loader action node.

Property List

Source Path Mask- The source of the files you want to load from disk. This path can be local or a network share. This property accepts wild cards such as *.zip. Multiple paths can be created by separating them with a semicolon. For example: c:\files\*txt; c:\files\*.csv.

Clear Working Files- Selecting this property will clear any existing files in the work folder. This is useful if you use multiple disk loaders in an action schedule.

Include Subdirectories- Includes subdirectories of the source path. Subdirectories will retain their structure throughout the action schedule and will not flatten unless specified.

Test Disk Access

The [Test Disk Access] button will test the permissions of the Metropolis service account on the source path mask.

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