Disk Saver

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Disk Saver

The Disk Saver action node saves a copy of the files currently in the working directory. This is useful for saving downloaded files and backing up files.

Property List

Destination Directory- The destination directory to copy the files.

Overwrite Existing- Checking this will overwrite any existing files found in the destination directory.

Flatten Directory Structure- Checking this will remove any subdirectories in the working folder and save files in the destination directory. Any duplicate filenames will be ignored, only saving the first found filename. For example, if there is a $\TextFile.txt and a $\Files\TextFile.txt, only the first will be saved.

File Mask- The file mask of files to save to the destination directory. For example, if 20 files were downloaded using a disk loader action node, and only want to save text files, the file mask would be *.txt. This will save all files ending with .txt.

Test Disk Access

The [Test Disk Access] button will test the permissions of the Metropolis service account on the source path mask.

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