Downloading and Decrypting

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Downloading and Decrypting

For this recipe, you must have completed the Downloading Files recipe.

Step 1: Open Download Census Data Action Schedule

To edit an existing action schedule, right click the schedule and select Edit Schedule. You can also just  double click the Download Census Data action schedule.

Step 2: Add A PGP Decrypt Action Node

Once the action schedule edit form appears, right click the Action Nodes area and select Add PGP Decrypt.

Step 3: Generate A PGP Key

If you already have an existing key, you can skip this step.

Once the Edit Action Node dialog appears, you can select the PGP key you want to use to decrypt. Decryption requires a secret key while encryption requires a public key. For this example, we will be generating a self-signed public and secret key set.

To generate a key, click the [PGP Key Maintenance] button.

Right click the PGP Keys area and select Generate New.

Enter My PGP Key or any name for the Short Name.

Enter a user name and password.

Select a 2048 bit RSA key that expires in 1 year by selecting 2048 for key bits, RSA for the algorithm and 365 for expire in days.

Click [Generate] to create your key. You will get a confirmation.

You will see your newly generated and saved key. Click [Close].

Step 4: Select Your Key & Configure PGP Decrypt Action Node

Once you return to Edit Action Node,  select the PGP Key you just created. If you want to delete the original encrypted files after decryption, check "Delete Original Files?"

If you would like to overwrite any existing decrypted filenames, check "Overwrite Existing?"

File masks are the files you want to decrypt. Typically, this can be either .PGP or .GPG. To check either, you can separate the extensions with a pipe ( I ). The default, *.pgp|*.gpg should be sufficient in almost all circumstances.

Click [OK]. You will see your new PGP Decrypt action node. Click [Save] to save the action schedule.

If your action node list is in a different order, you can drag and drop the action nodes to change the order. In this order, the action schedule will download any files found in the Download Census Data action node, then decrypt any files ending with .pgp or .gpg and then save the results workspace to the location defined in the Save Census Data action node.

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