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Edit Schedule

The below shows a action schedule that runs Monday through Friday at 10:00pm. It downloads files from the US Census FTP site and saves them to a location on the local network.

Schedule Info

Id- The Id number of an action schedule.

Name- The name of the schedule.

Company- A global admin privilege. The company the schedule belongs to. If the user is not a global admin, this will not appear and the company will be set to the user's current company.

Description- A longer note or description for a schedule.


There is a lot of flexibility built into the scheduling of an action schedule.

Schedule Date- The date range when the action schedule should run. This is a programmable date and has many options. The [...] button will open a Schedule Date Wizard window to assist in date selection. The date can also be entered in free hand. For more information on schedule date and the schedule date wizard, click here.

Time From- The time the schedule should run within the date range. If the check box is not selected, midnight will be assumed.

Time To- If you want your schedule to run multiple times a day, include a time to and select an Every minutes value.

Every x Minutes- if you want your schedule to run multiple times a day, setting this will have it run every x minutes on the minute. The time to check box must me selected prior to setting the every x minutes value.

Action Nodes

In the action node area, you can add, edit and delete action nodes. You can also change the order of action nodes by dragging and dropping. Action nodes are run one at a time in sequential order. For more information on action nodes, click here.

Creating an Action Schedule

To create an action schedule, right click the action schedule list in the Schedule tab and click New Schedule. An empty Edit Schedule window will appear. Notice the Id is set to 0 which means the new schedule has not been saved yet. Enter the following info in the Schedule Info area, then right click the Action Nodes area. Select Add FTP Download.

The editor for the FTP download action node will appear. Enter in the following information and click [Ok]. If you do not have a "US Census" FTP site, click [FTP Site Maintenance] button and follow the directions here.

Once you click [Ok], you the window will close and you will see your new action node. Right click the Action Nodes area and select Add Disk Saver. Enter the following information and click [Ok]. Note, the Destination Directory must exist on the server Metropolis is installed on and the Windows Metropolis account selected during install must have write permissions to that directory.

Once the window closes and you see the complete action schedule. Click [Save] to save this new schedule. Your new action schedule should look like this.

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