FTP Download

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FTP Download

The FTP Download action node is used to download files into the working folder.

Property List

FTP Site Id- The FTP site to download from. FTP sites are maintained in FTP Site Maintenance.

Source Path Mask- The directory and files to download. This property accepts wild cards such as *.zip. Multiple paths can be created by separating them with a semicolon. For example: /Downloads/*.txt;/Downloads/*.csv.

Overwrite Existing- Overwrites any existing files that already exist in the working folder.

Delete Original Files- Deletes the files on the server after they have been downloaded. Files will only be deleted if there is no error on any of the files to be downloaded. For example, if you attempt to download 20 files and the 20th file fails, nothing will be deleted.

Include Subdirectories- Includes subdirectories of the source path. Subdirectories will retain their structure throughout the action schedule and will not flatten unless specified.

FTP Site Maintenance

If the FTP site you want to use doesn't exist, you can add it in FTP Site Maintenance by clicking this button. Once you save the new FTP site, it will appear in the FTP Site Id drop down.

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