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FTP Site Maintenance

FTP Site maintenance is where all your FTP site connection information is stored. All user names and passwords are encrypted before they are stored in the database.

For more information on the FTP protocol, click here.

For more information on the FTPS protocol, click here.

For more information on the SFTP protocol, click here.

Adding New FTP Sites

To create a new FTP site, right click the FTP Site List box and left click Add New.

A blank FTP site will appear. Notice that SFTP is selected in the FTP Mode combo box. SFTP is the preferred method of transferring any sensitive files because it is encrypted.

In this example, we will not be transferring any sensitive data and will be using FTP. FTP transfers files in clear text and is not recommended for sensitive files. Enter "US Census" in the name field, "ftp2.census.gov" in the host field, and anonymous in the user name field and click save. Notice that we left the port blank. A blank port tells Metropolis to use the default port for the protocol you have chosen.

Click the [Test] button to test this server. You will get test results for reading, writing and deleting. The write and delete tests will upload and delete a small test file to the server.

These test results show that your account has permissions to read files, but not write or delete them. The message returns error code 550, which means permission denied. This is the results of either the write or delete permissions check.

Creating an SFTP Site

Let's create an SFTP site. Right click the FTP Site List box and left click Add New. When the blank FTP site appears, enter "SFTP Test" as the name, "dev01.dysr.com" as the host, "sftptest" as the user name and "sftptest" as the password. Click [Save]. Notice that we didn't select any of the supported versions. If none are checked, Metropolis will discover the supported version automatically.

You can click test on the new SFTP site and it may or may not fail, depending if the server is running. If the SFTP server is running, the test results will indicate that the use has read, write and delete permissions.

If the SFTP server is not running, the results will give a connection failed error:

Deleting an FTP Site

To delete an FTP site, select the site you want to delete by left clicking the site. Click the right mouse button and select Delete.

A warning dialog will appear. Note that when you delete an FTP site, any Action Node that uses that FTP site will no longer function properly. For more information, see Schedule Manager for more information.

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