Installing the Windows Service

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Installing the Windows Service

The Metropolis engine, the software that does all the work, runs as a Windows Service. This allows Metropolis to process schedules even when Metropolis Manager is not running on your computer. You can install Metropolis on a Windows client like Windows XP or Windows 7, or you can install it on a Windows Server like 2008. If you install on a Windows Client, note that Windows clients have a connection limit of 20. More information here.

Also, you can only use SQL Server Express on a Windows Client, but you can use either SQL Server Express or SQL Server on a Windows Server. The Metropolis Windows Service does not need to be on the same machine as SQL Server or SQL Server Express.

Installing the Metropolis Service

Enter the appropriate information to install the service. Metropolis will be installed on the server that the installer is running on. You cannot install the metropolis service on a remote server.

Service Action

Install Service- Select this if you want to install the Metropolis service.

Remove Service- Select this if you want to remove an installed Metropolis service.

Overwrite Files- If installing, overwrite any previously installed version files in the install path.

Delete Files- If removing, remove any installed version files in the install path.

Install Path

The install path is the path to copy the Metropolis Windows Service program files.

Service Login

UserName- The user that will run the service. This user can be Local System, which is a predefined local account on Windows operating systems. This user can also be a local user or a domain user. If you want to use a domain user, simply remove the Local System text and enter the user name.

Click the [Install] button to install the service.

If there is an existing Metropolis service running, it must be stopped. If you select [Cancel], the Metropolis Installer cannot continue.

Click [OK] to continue. If Overwrite Files is not selected and there is an existing Metropolis service running, you will get the following error.

Once installation is successful, you will get a pop up notification.

You can see the Metropolis service in Windows Services. It is automatically started on install so the client can talk to it immediately.

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