Managing Schedules

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An Action Schedule is the driving concept of the system. Each action schedule defines a task that will be run at a given date range. Each action schedule has one or many sub tasks called Action Nodes. Action nodes are processed sequentially. When an action schedule runs, the first action node is run until completion or failure. If the first action node run successfully, the second action node will run and so on. Once all the action nodes have completed successfully, or an action node fails, the action schedule is complete. Action schedules can be a simple download and save to disk, or a complex chain of events.

Creating a New Schedule

To create a new Action Schedule, right click the grid and select New Schedule. The Edit Schedule window will appear. For detailed information on creating and editing schedules, see Edit Schedule.

Maintaining Your Schedule Library

Once you have established your action schedule library, there are tools to help you manage and maintain them.

View Process Log- A detailed log about everything that has happened for an action schedule. To view the process log for an action schedule, click on the action schedule, then right click and select View Process Log. More information about reading and understanding the process log is available here.

View Change History- Each time an Action Schedule is changed, it's state is stored in history. This means that you can revert back to any configuration previously saved for an action schedule. For more information, see Schedule Change History.

Process Now- Immediately start the processing of an action schedule. All logging will still occur even though it isn't running on it's scheduled time.

New Schedule- Create a new action schedule.

Edit Schedule- Edit selected action schedule.

Delete- Delete selected action schedule. This will permanently delete the action schedule, it's change history and it's logs. This cannot be undone. It is recommended that an action schedule be marked inactive rather than deleting it to retain logs and history. See Edit Schedule for instructions on marking an action schedule inactive.

Clone- Clone an existing action schedule. This will create a new action schedule that is a clone of the selected schedule, except the new name will append "Copy." For example, Download Census Data will be cloned as Download Census Data Copy.

Show Schedules for all Companies

A global admin user can view all the schedules for all companies by checking this box. Only global admins have this privilege.

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