Metropolis Installer

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Metropolis Installer

Metropolis Prerequisites

1. Microsoft .Net 4.0

2. Microsoft Internet Information Server

3. Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Server Express

Using The Installer

The Metropolis Installer is used to install and configure Metropolis. The installer installs the Metropolis ClickOnce Client, the Metropolis Windows Service and the database tables and data.

The installer is a series of steps. You can move between steps by clicking the [Next] or [Back] button. Clicking the [Next] or [Back] button on any step will not change any settings, but each step must be completed.

You can press [F1] for help at any time for help on the current step.

Your selections are saved in a file named InstallSelections.xml located in directory where the installer was run.

Click [Cancel] to exit the installer.

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