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Node Type Maintenance

Node Types

Action Nodes are the modules used to define tasks in an Action Schedule. Each action schedule consists of 1 or more action nodes to run in sequence. An action node may simply load files from a disk, or transfer those file to another server via FTP. Simply put, an action node is a single task that you schedule to run at a given time through an action schedule. A Node Type is the definition of that task.

The left side of node type maintenance contains a list of Node Types. Metropolis comes with several node types already created and ready to use. You can also create your own custom node types. See the Metropolis SDK for more information on creating custom node types.

Node Type

Id- The Id of the Node Type.

Name- The name of the Node Type.

Description- The description of the Node Type.

Assembly Info

Assembly- The location of the assembly that will be run for this node type.

Class- The class name that inherits from the ActionNode base class.

Property List

Id- The Id of the Node Type Property. Node type properties are defined when the user creates an Action Node and is passed to the Class located in the Node Type's Assembly.

KeyName- The KeyName is the name of the variable that can be referenced in the Class located in the Node Type's Assembly.

DisplayName- The key name as it appears to the user who is adding an Action Node. This will appear as a parameter for the user.

Default- The default value applied to the property when no value was entered by the user. This value is also auto-filled when the Edit Action Node form is displayed.

DataType- The data type of the property. Typically, this is a string.

Pos- The position of the property in the property list. Lower numbers appear first.

Reqd- Determines if this property is required to be set by the user, or can be left blank.

Insert Missing Action Node Properties

When you write custom Action Node / Node Types, you may decide to add features to a node already in production. Once you deploy the new modifications, existing Action Nodes won't have that new property set to a value. [Insert Missing Action Node Properties] automatically adds any new properties to existing Action Nodes using the Default value you define for the property.

Adding Node Types

To add a node type, right click the list in the Node Types box and click Add New.

View Change History

To view the change history of a node type, right click the list in the Node Types box and click View Change History. You can find more information on node type history here.

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