Schedule Change History

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Schedule Change History

Schedule change history provides a way to manage action schedule and action node changes and rollback to previous versions.

Change Sets

Each time an action schedule or action node is changed or saved, a change set record is created. A change set is a snapshot of how the node type was configured when it was saved.

Id- The Id number of the change set.

Time Stamp- The date and time the change was made.

Change User- The user who made the change.

Viewing History

To view the configuration of a particular change set, simply double click on the change set or click [View]. The node type will appear as it was saved for that change set.

You can also double click on an action node and view its configuration for the change set.

Restoring An Action Schedule

If you need to revert an action schedule to a previous configuration, select the change set and click [Restore]. Once it is restored, a new change set will be created since the node type was saved as a previous version. To undo the restore, simply restore the change set that was saved before the most recent.

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