Schedule Date Wizard

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Schedule Date Wizard

Scheduling for Metropolis is very flexible and there are many different ways to schedule dates. The main types are Day of The Week, Rotating Date, and Day Variants. The schedule date wizard helps simplify the complexities of date scheduling. Dates can also be entered manually. Dates can also be combined by separating them with a semicolon.

Day Of The Week

Day of the week allows you to schedule for particular days of the week, or ranges of days. You can schedule to run on Monday, or Monday through Friday, or Weekends or Weekdays. To see how this works, select Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday and click the [Add] button in the day of the week area.

Notice that your schedule date now reads FRI-SUN; TUE. This is the code for the days of the week you selected. Other keywords for days of the week are "WEEKENDS," and "WEEKDAYS."

Rotating Date

Rotating dates are dates that look similar to a normal date but allow wild cards. For example, enter the date 01/01/2023 and the schedule will only run on that date. Substitute a zero for either the month, day or year will ignore that part of the date. For example 00/01/0000 will run the schedule on the first of every month, of every year. 01/00/2023 will run the schedule every day of January in 2023. Lets try an example. Select Any/All for the month, 1 for the day, and Any/All for the year. Click the [Add] button in the rotating date area.

Now select 15 for the day and click [Add] again and you have just set the schedule to run on the 1st and 15th of every month. Notice the semicolon in between the dates.

Day Variant

The day variant allows you to select the xth day of the week. For example, if you want your schedule to run the 2nd Monday of every month, select 2nd Monday and click [Add].

Any of these types of dates can be combined to create your schedule. When you are ready to apply your date selections, click [Done].

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