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Server Logs

The server logs are system wide logs that are done at the lowest level of the system. The system will continue to log, even when there is no database. This is similar to various system logs in Windows or Unix variants. Due to the sensitivity of this data, it is reserved for global admin permissions.

Log Files

By default, the logs roll daily, meaning once a new day has begun, a new log file will be created. To view a log file, click on the log file you wish to view and the log data will appear for that day.

Log Data

The log data is very extensive and has 4 types of log levels.

INFO - Only information describing basic info the system is doing. This is a general overview event and won't contain much detail or appear that often.

WARNING - Something unusual has happened but the system was able to work around the issue. These aren't errors but are notification of possible configuration issues.

ERROR - An error has occurred in the system and the system was unable to continue it's current operation. This can range from something mild, like a FTP connection error, to something severe like a database connection error, and should always be investigated.

DEBUG - Very detailed information about what the system is actually doing and the important steps it is tacking to accomplish it's tasks. This can be extensive, but should be kept when you need detailed tracking information for sensitive environments, or reporting errors to Dyess Software.

When you select a log file and the log data is returned, it is the date up to the point in time you selected the log file. You will not see any additional entries as they occur. To see newer entries that were logged since you selected the log file, either click [Refresh] or re-select the log file.

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