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Server Settings

Server settings are a way to modify how Metropolis works at the system level. Setting some of these settings incorrectly can prevent Metropolis from working properly. This is reserved for global admins only.


The startup settings tell Metropolis what to start when the Metropolis Windows Service is first started.

Auto Start Processor- This tells Metropolis to automatically start processing Action Schedules as soon as Metropolis is started. This should be checked for production environments.

Auto Start Listener- This will automatically start the listener when Metropolis starts. This should always be checked in all environments. If the listener is not started, the Metropolis Client will not be able to connect to Metropolis.


Notification settings alert the recipients when certain system events occur.

Email Errors- A notification email is sent whenever an error (exception) is trapped.

Email Warnings- A notification email is sent whenever a system warning occurs.

Email Config Changes- A notification email is sent whenever a user changes a configuration setting. This includes all configuration settings, including Action Schedule changes.

Sender Email- This is the email account of the sender.

Recipient Email- The recipients of notification emails. This is a comma separated list.


Temp Path-  The temp path the Metropolis service uses when handling files. The Windows user that is running the Metropolis service needs write permissions on this directory.

Assembly Path- The location of the Action Node Type assemblies. This is typically the path Metropolis is installed on the server. C:\Metropolis is the default.

CleanUp After Run- Check this to have Metropolis remove any temporary files used during file handling. Note, if an action schedule fails, it will not be cleaned up until it is run again. This leaves the files available for inspection after failures.


[Load Defaults] - Loads the default settings from disk. These defaults reside in the app.config file of your Metropolis service install directory. This will override any settings saved since your initial install. This can't be undone.

[Revert] - Cancel all unsaved changes and reload the form to the current server settings.

[Save] - Update the server with the new settings. The setting changes will occur immediately and does not require a service restart. Saving will also override the defaults set during your initial install. This can be undone with [Load Defaults].

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