Server Status

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Server Status

The server status is the main dashboard for Metropolis. At the top of the window, it will display Connected to instance followed by a long code. Each Metropolis service has it's own code, and that code changes every time the service is restarted.

Processor Status

The traffic light represents the status of the Action Schedule Processor. The processor is the subsystem that determines which Action Schedules need to be run and when. If the processor is not running, no action schedules will run. Also, if you need to temporarily stop schedules from running without bringing down the server, you can simply stop the schedule processor.

There are three states the schedule processor can be in:

Green- When the status is green, the processor is running and Action Schedules will run as scheduled. You can see the  This is the normal operating condition.

Red- means the scheduled processor is not running, or the Metropolis Client has lost connection to the server.

Yellow- When the light is yellow, the processor is either in the process of starting or stopping. If it is in the process of stopping, it will remain yellow if there are any action schedules that are running and need to complete.

Controlling The Action Schedule Processor

Since the action schedule processor controls all action schedules for all companies, only a global admin can control the processor.

Stop- When the schedule processor is running, the button just below it will say Stop. To stop the processor, press this button. If there are an running schedules, they will be allowed to complete before the processor stops. While any remaining action schedules are finishing, the light will remain yellow and the button will change to say Wait.

Once the schedule processor has stopped, the Running Action Schedules area will be blank and the button will change to Start.

Reloading The Action Schedules

A global admin can also reload the Metropolis schedules from the database. This will rarely be used but is available for debugging purposes, or if a change to an action schedule is made directly through the database. Changing action schedules through the database without using the Metropolis Client is not recommended.

Reload- Reload the action schedules from the database. This will not change any currently running action schedules.

Running Action Schedules

The Running Action Schedules area displays all running action schedules.

Id- The Id of the action schedule.

Short Name- The short, descriptive name for the action schedule.

Start Time- The the the action schedule started.

Running Time- How long the action schedule has been running.

The Refresh Rate control sets how often the status of the running action schedules is updated. The default is 10 seconds. This means that the status will be updated every 10 seconds and the information displayed could be up to 9 seconds old. To increase how often the information is refreshed, you can set the refresh rate as short as 1 second. Changing this to a shorter rate will increase the amount of network traffic the Metropolis Client uses. The refresh rate can also be set to Off which will stop any refreshing, but leave the current information visible.

Show schedules for all companies- A global admin has the ability to monitor all running schedules for all companies by checking this box. Only a global admin has this ability.

Action Schedule Details and Control

The Process Log is a detailed log about everything that has happened for an action schedule that is currently running or completed. To view the process log for a running action schedule, click on the action schedule, then right click and select View Process Log. More information about reading and understanding the process log is available here.

A company admin has the ability to abort running processes for their company. A global admin has the ability to abort processes for any company. To abort the process for any company. To abort a running process, select the process to abort, right click and select Abort.

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