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Switch Company

Metropolis tasks, users, FTP sites, PGP keys, users, and all data can be divided into Companies. Each user of a company can only see their company's data. The company admin roll can administer their company's data, but nothing else.

To effectively administer the system and all companies, a Global Admin role is used. The global admin has all the privileges of a Company Admin but can switch companies and administer any company that is associated with the global admin user.

Switching Companies

To switch companies, simply select the new company you want to associate your account with and click [Switch]. You are now part of the company selected and can view, change and administer that company as a Company Admin.

You can always determine which company you are associated with in the main window menu bar at the top of the application.

In this example, you can see the system user, currently associated with the Metropolis Company is connected to server dev02.dysr.com.

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