The Main Window

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The Main Window

The main window is the starting point for using Metropolis. Metropolis Manager uses an MDI interface, which allows multiple windows inside the main window. These windows can be arranged side by side, top down, or any configuration to help you manage the system.

Title Bar

In the title bar, located on the top of the window, you will notice the text, "Metropolis Manager - tdyess/Dyess" This is designed to give the current user quick and always available connection information for user name, company and server.

UserName (tdyess) - The current user logged in.

Company (Dyess Software) - The current user's Company. Metropolis can be divided into distinct groups, called companies. Each company has it's own data and cannot see another company's data. This can be used to separate groups of clients or departments within your company.

Server ( - The current server Metropolis Manager is connected to.

Menu Bar

The menu bar consists of two main menus, Tools and Admin. There are also two secondary menus, Windows and Help. You can always get context specific help by pressing the F1 key.


Tools are your primary tools used to create, configure and schedule jobs.

Schedule Manager is used to create and configure an Action Schedule. An action schedule is a single scheduled task consisting of various actions called Action Nodes. See the subsection Schedule Manager for more information.

PGP Key Maintenance is used to store and modify PGP keys for encryption and decryption.

FTP Site Maintenance is a central location for all your FTP sites and credentials.

View Logs is a search-able log of action schedule executions, errors, and data modifications.

Change Password is where you can change your password.


The admin section is only accessible to Admin and Global Admin users.

Node Type Maintenance is used to register custom node type plug-ins and examine existing plug-ins. See Metropolis SDK for information on developing plug-ins.

Simple Encrypt / Decrypt uses a simple common algorithm to encrypt or decrypt text. This should not be used when transferring high security information over a public network.

User Manager is where users are added, removed, promoted and demoted.

Company Manager is for managing the company level.

Server Logs are low level debug logs that are stored on the file system of the server.

Server Settings is where server level settings are located.

Switch Company is for Global Admin level tool to modify the settings and configuration of another company on the server.

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