Uploading Files

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Uploading Files

This step requires you to create a new Action Schedule. For information on creating an action schedule, click here.

Step 1: Fill in the Schedule Info

First, fill in the above schedule info. Make sure Is Active check box is not checked. We will run this schedule manually. If you are a global admin you will see a Company combo box. If you are a standard user, it will automatically select the company of the user you are logged in as.

Second, fill in the Schedule Date. We want this to run every Monday at 10:00pm. Make sure the Time From check box is checked. Metropolis will ignore any time that isn't checked. Enter 10:00 PM for the Time From.

Third, enter a description (optional) with any notes for this Action Schedule. You don't need to worry about the creation date or the user as this information is automatically logged.

Step 2: Add a Disk Loader Action Node

Once that is done, right click in the Action Nodes area and click Add Disk Loader. A dialog will pop up. Enter the following information.

The disk loader is how you determine what files go into the workspace. Before you can take any action, like uploading, the file must exist in your workspace.

Click [OK] and you will see the new disk loader in your action node list.

Step 3: Add an FTP Upload Action Node

Right click in the Action Nodes area and click Add FTP Upload.

A dialog will pop up. Enter the following information.

Step 4: Create an FTP Site

Click the [FTP Site Maintenance] button to create the FTP Site, and FTP Site Maintenance will appear. FTP Sites can be reused for many Action Nodes, so this only needs to be done for new FTP Sites.

If there is already an FTP site, right click the FTP Site List and click Add New.

Enter Dysr FTP in the name. This can be anything and is only for your reference.

For the Host, enter a site you have write/upload access to. If you don't have one, you can try ftp.dysr.com. This is an actual FTP site, so make sure you enter it correctly.

You can leave the port blank. When the port is left blank, it uses the standard port for the FTP mode you've chosen.

Enter the user name and password for the site. If you are connecting to ftp.dysr.com, use MetroUpload for the user name and metroupload for the password.

Select FTP for the FTP mode, and check Use Passive. This site uses the standard FTP protocol in passive mode.

Click [Save] and you will get a confirmation dialog with the new Id. In this example, the FTP Site was saved with the Id of 1. Yours may be different.

Click [Close] to exit the FTP Site Maintenance form and select your new site in the FTP Site drop down. This FTP site will appear in any new FTP Download and FTP Upload action nodes you create for any new Action Schedule.

Click [OK] and you will see the new FTP Uploader in your action node list.

Click [Save] to save this action schedule.

You will see a confirmation dialog once it is saved and it will appear in your action schedule list.

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