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User Manager

The Company Manager allows company admins and global admins to administer a company or companies. Company admins can only administer their own companies, while global admins can administer any company as well as create and delete companies.

The Company Admin Perspective

A company admin can add and remove users for his company. He can also promote users to company admin for his company and change passwords. The main difference between a company admin and a global admin as far as the user manager is concerned is a global admin can modify users across companies and change the company of a user. A global admin cal also promote users to global admin privileges.

The Global Admin Perspective

For the global admin, a list of all users of all companies appears on the left while the detailed information on a selected user appears on the right. The system account is a global admin and is created when Metropolis is installed. If you are logged on as system, you will notice Is Admin and Is Global Admin are not enabled. A user cannot give himself admin privileges or remove himself as an admin. If you want to remove or modify your admin account, you need to create a new admin account.

Adding A User

To add a user, right click the User List box and select Add User.

For the User Name, enter "Dyess Software Admin". Enter a password and select Dyess Software as the company. Dyess Software was created in the Company Manager page. Make sure Can Login is checked and also check Is Admin to make this user a Company Admin. Click [Save].

You will see the user you just created in the user list.

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