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The company log describes all meaningful events that occur in the system for user's company. The logs can be searched by Action Schedule, Action Node, User and date ranges. Simply clicking [Search] will display a list of the most recent events.

Searching Logs

Since the company log stores Action Schedule results as well as data changes made by users, it can get quite extensive. To make it more useful, you can filter log events.

Action Schedule

To search all activity by a particular Action Schedule, select the Action Schedule in the drop down and click [Search]. In this example, "Download Census Data" is selected and only events generated by this action schedule are shown.

Action Node

Action Schedules can be quite extensive and further filtering may be necessary. This is where Action Node Search comes in. Once an Action Schedule is selected, a list of Action Nodes for that schedule are available for filtering. Select Download 2010 Census and click [Search].

Date Range

The Time From and Time To text boxes filter the results starting after a particular date, starting before a particular date, or between two dates. To search by a date, check the check box next to the date you want to filter. Setting the Time From only shows events that happened after that date. To display all events after a date, click the drop down arrow to display a calendar to select a date, then type in the time. For example, we would display the calendar, and select April 18th 2013. Once the date is selected, the calendar disappears and we can select a time.

Here we selected 12:00:00 AM which is midnight, the beginning of a day. 12:00:00 PM is noon. Open the calendar for the Time From text box and select April 19th, 2013. Select 12:00:00 AM for the time. When [Search] is selected, all events from April 18th, 2013 are displayed for April 18th, 2013 from midnight until midnight the next day.

Search User Events

Since the company log also stores user events, we can search by a user too. In the user name drop down, select a user you want to search for and click search. A list of events triggered by that user will appear.

Bringing It All Together

All of the search filters can be combined. The more search filters that are set, the fewer results will appear. Because there are a large amount of log entries as your system grows, the Batch Size is set to 20 by default. If you need to analyze more results, you can increase this number.

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