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The Zip action node compresses one or more files into a single .zip file.

Property List

Destination Directory/File- The destination directory and/or filename to compress the files into. If just a directory is added, the file will be named after the first file in the list of files to be zipped. Leave this blank to write the zipped file in the work folder.

Overwrite Existing- When checked, if the Destination Directory/File is a file and the file exists, it will be removed. This has no affect if the Destination Directory/File is a directory.

Zip Files Individually- When checked, each file in the File Mask will be zipped into it's own .zip file. For example, text1.txt and text2.txt will be zipped into and, respectively.

Delete Original Files- Delete the files in the File Mask once they have been compressed into a zip file.

File Mask- The files to zip. This path can be local or a network share. This property accepts wild cards such as *.zip. Multiple paths can be created by separating them with a semicolon. For example: c:\files\*txt; c:\files\*.csv.

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